IMHTMS Studio Set

In My House Techno Music Show, Inc. is a weekly Internet Music Show that provides another platform for producers and deejays of Techno and House music to share with the world what they have to offer. I personally consider myself a lifetime family member in this thing called Techno and House music. On each show you will hear all styles of techno and house music.  Keep in mind that I am not a music producer, deejay, or an artist. Therefore, the guests will be the one's to educate and entertain you.


"In My House Techno Music Show, Inc. " is dedicated to the memory of Derek Jamerson, Sr. Gone but never be forgotten.

​He is the father of our children (Jennifer & Derek, Jr.) and grandfather of Kaci, Kali, Karli, Zakai, and Zaimah. ​His father was the late James Jamerson (Motown Funk Brother).

He will always be remembered by those who had the opportunity to work with him during his lifetime.

Since this show has been in existence, it's been told to me many time that Derek is considered as the Godfather of Hi-Tech Jazz.

~R.I.P. Derek Raynard Jamerson, Sr.
December 22, 1966 - April 7, 2006